Roseanne Barr: The Unfiltered Voice in a Filtered World

Step right up to the grand stage of the Great American Absurdity Pageant, where the clowns are in charge and the ringmasters are out to lunch. Enter stage right: Roseanne Barr, the sultan of snark, the duchess of disruption, who’s about as politically correct as a bull in a china shop with a megaphone.


In her latest act of verbal acrobatics, Roseanne took a swing at President Biden with the finesse of a demolition derby champion. Reacting to Biden's remarks on the fentanyl crisis, in his post on X in which he stated


President Joe Biden posting on X about the fentanyl crisis in America


she delivered a masterclass in subtlety: "Close the f**king border then, dips**t"


 Rosanne Barr responding to President Joe Biden's post on X

This isn't your grandma's political commentary — unless your grandma drinks whiskey straight and owns a leather jacket. Barr’s words are like shots fired in a bar fight that everyone saw coming but no one can stop watching.


Roseanne’s return to the limelight post-cancellation is less of a comeback and more of a haunt. Like a ghost of Hollywood past, she's here to rattle chains and remind us that she's not done yet. Her allegiance to Trump isn't just a political stance; it's a middle finger to the establishment.


And here is where we really want to chime in on this. Sure, we could pass this off as some small irrelevant, easy to look over stupid social media moment. But it is also kind of a microcosm. Our politics are so completely broken, that many Americans have reached a breaking point. One that is full of angst and invoking more primal, and raw outbursts of opinions. 


And to be completely honest, we are really in support of this growing trend. Not because we enjoy confrontation, or people tearing into each other publicly (unless it is a "who fucked my girlfriend" fight at the bar) but because after several years of a overgrowth of extreme political correctness, this direct form of communicating one's disdain will hopefully serve more effective in a highly ineffective political atmosphere. Far Fetched? Probably, but it sounds good doesn't it?


We have allowed the current state of things to linger on and on with no foreseeable solution in sight. Many people definitely make their opinions known, and many of those people so eloquently and articulately make sensible intelligent opinions that are easy to follow. But all this "polite" discussion is not putting enough pressure on these politicians to produce more results. The people are demanding to really have a focus on giving us measurable results. The time for pleasantries, for long winded " I promise" speeches is done. We need to hold them accountable regardless of political affiliation. 


At least, that's my two cents on this. If you don't like it then...



So, as we prepare for family arguments this Christmas, take a moment to appreciate the chaos conductor that is Roseanne Barr. She might not be the hero we asked for, but she’s the anti-hero we can't look away from!


Grab your favorite strong drink at the dinner table and cheers to this unfiltered foul mouthed give no fucks woman. Here's to Roseanne, the relentless voice in a sea of murmurs. She might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but in a world of rehearsed speeches and political tiptoeing, she's a breath of fresh, if not slightly brash, air.


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