10 Reasons Behind Hesitancy to get "the jab"



1. Still Wearing a Mask Joe

A vaccine protects an individual from a virus. If this vaccine works like a true vaccine, then the person inoculated will not get sick, will not pass it on, and is protected from others that have it. Millions of people are vaccinated yet are still required to social distance and wear a mask. Why? Where is trust in the vaccine’s 99% effectiveness? Is this not a real vaccine? POTUS doesn’t portray trust in it. Why would I?


Let’s say the argument is that all must be vaccinated to eliminate the virus before we can take masks off. See Reason #2 and #6.


2. “Follow the Science”

Government led science is inconsistent and frankly illogical. “Science” now says I can go outside by myself without a mask.


Myself is now protected from...Myself?

If this is the extent of our intelligence behind science, I’ll take my chances with Mother Nature.


3. Shame

This isn’t directly related to C O V I D, but perhaps a trickle-down effect. I don’t trust any government that finds racism in math or encourages Critical Race Theory. A government that rewards schools that teach white children to be ashamed of being born white. The theory is completely racist, by its very definition.


Why would I listen to anything else our government pushes? Using shame to influence? Shaming those hesitant to get a politicized vaccine?


4. C O V I D and Presumptive Cases


If someone tests negative for C O V I D, but has symptoms, which are all associated with the common cold and flu, this is classified as C O V I D POSITIVE. Which is a lie, or at least needing more information, a retest perhaps?

Would I be presumptivEly pregnant because I am tired all the time?

Why would I get a vaccine if actual case tally is fraudulent?


5. C O V I D and Deaths

In Oregon, if you die in a car accident and had C O V I D at the time, this is counted as a C O V I D death. Which is a lie. Unless the death certificate states virus as the cause, it is NOT a C O V I D death.


Why would I GET THE JAB if I am being told lies about deaths?

6. Recurring and Mutations

It’s sounding more and more like this virus is here to stay, in some form or another. The narrative isn’t about eradicating C O V I D. If this is the case, then C O V I D is the new flu, flu vaccines are annual, and in general a person gets the flu vaccine if they feel vulnerable.


I am not vulnerable.


7. Designer Virus


Sounds, smells, acts like China cooked up C O V I D in a lab, to kill off its aging population? What other deadly virus targets only one side of the historically vulnerable population, that of seniors AND children? Thankfully, children are unaffected.


Then there is the average, everyday overweight American. More people are overweight than not.


This isn’t about aesthetics, this is about health, and what has become abundantly clear, is that our health is VITAL to live.


8. I am not part of the vulnerable demographic

I am neither old, nor sick, nor overweight, nor a smoker, and I don’t have underlying conditions. So why should I get the vaccine?


Why would I inject something into my body that could possibly have detrimental side effects, when I am not susceptible to death, vaccinated or not?


9. Censorship

Big tech has banned, censored, ANY ALTERNATE information related to the virus that doesn’t fit ONE narrative. Observations from doctors who treated thousands of

C O V I D patients, their data driven conclusions, suggestions, commonalities that differs slightly from mainstream beliefs. Within 5 seconds of posting a rather informative video of one such doctor’s research to FB, the video was removed citing FALSE INFORMATION. As if doctors are notorious liars? That he didn’t observe and note and research as doctors do? Like we are all children, incapable of making personal decision based on ALL AVAILABLE INFORMATION.

Give me all available information, don’t attempt to shame me for not being a sheep, for using critical thinking, and let me choose.


The more you insist and censor information, the more I am hesitant and question.


10. My Body my Choice


No explanation needed.